From our CEO

We would like to help small and medium‐sized enterprises

to make them smile and leap even more!

We're not just making websites,

we also encourage enterprises.

大見 知靖 Omi Tomoyasu

Companies get active when the sales go well. As followed, everyone who are involved with the company will also become happy. Therefore, we are not an organization that just creates websites. We aim to give happiness to everyone involved in us.
There is no right answer in our work. The outcome always depends on our ideas, efforts and support we give to our customers. And that creates a fulfilling feeling. Join us and let’s work together!

Promise from CEO to the employees

Promise from CEO to the employees


Working together, we will become abundant.


I will give everyone opportunities at all times.

"Healthy minds"

I will care about everyone’s health.


I will listen and respond to everyone’s opinion.


I will communicate with everyone with a smile.


I will evaluate everyone equally.


I will lead us all to happiness.


I will have faith in everyone.