In-House Systems

INFACT In-House Systems

Flex Time

Who wants to go to work on a full train when it’s the busiest? If you want to avoid that or have any other reasons, you can advance your working time.


To work efficiently, improving ourselves is always important, inside and outside the office. INFACT supports your participation to seminars, workshops and studying communities.

Moving to Other Office

You can work at a different office if you wish to change your usual work environment. The shortest term is three months.

Family Gathering

When it comes to family, it is important for them to know what kind of job that one’s doing. INFACT holds a dinner gathering for the employees and their families to get to know each other more.

Challenge Lunch

Is there anyone you don’t really talk with while working? It’s time to go lunch with him/her! Take somebody you don’t really know at the office and yes, INFACT pays your meals!

TOEIC Score Reward

INFACT thinks that communicating in English is a must skill when it comes to global business. If you have a certain TOEIC score, you can get rewarded.

Goals Supporting

INFACT gives all the employees to encourage them to live their lives fully! 3KM journal is a magic tool that make one’s dream come true!

External Partnership

Have you imagined working at a different company while you’re still an employee at INFACT? Well, this system made it possible! You can absorb many new things and reflect to your work when you come back in the office of INFACT.


We welcome students who are eager to learn in the business field! Contact us for more.